Work with me

Timi Orosz spiritual business mentor, business coach for healers

Let’s turn up the volume on being authentic & spiritual in business. It’s time to make an impact.

Timi Orosz spiritual marketing, spiritual business coach and mentor, spiritual marketing coach

Soulful business mentoring

When you need undivided attention to help you make a positive impact while having an authentic sounding board.

Ready-made solutions

Online courses, digital workbooks and tools available instantly to help you start or grow your spiritual business.

Your soulful podcast guest

When you need a spiritual entrepreneur for your next episode to talk about authentic marketing and spirituality with you.


Energise your next corporate event with something more soulful and authentic.

marketing coach mentor for spiritual entrepreneurs
spiritual marketing consultant for conscious entrepreneurs

The topics that I’m skilled (and happy) to cover are:

  • The power of authentic complaint handling
  • Brand revival: replacing sleazy sales with soulful selling
  • Reconnect with your customers with authentic marketing
  • The future of business: being spiritual and raw

Please note, that I’m only able to collaborate with companies that are driven to make a positive impact. No matter how small or big that impact is, if purpose is missing from your business model, we are not the right fit.