Marketing business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs
Spiritual business mentor Timi Orosz

Business is an excellent tool to make a positive impact on our world.

When you follow that sense of mission within you, when you are driven to make a difference with what you do, you are my dear, a changemaker. You are here to bring your full potential to the service. To stop playing small and help humanity evolve.

Timi Orosz: scaling spiritual businesses

Previous homes in 11 cities, 5 countries. Currently in Tenerife 🏝️

I became a CEO at 30 and burnt out at 32. Quit my job to live in a jungle in Sri Lanka for a few months to find my authentic business path.

Throughout my career, I gained experience in marketing, sales, customer service, strategy planning, consulting and business management by throwing myself into roles that scared me a little. I grabbed opportunities whenever they popped up on my journey.

Once I realised what drives me in an authentic way, I became very selective of my network. I’m now on a mission to support purpose-driven entrepreneurs and small businesses to make a bigger impact in our world. I founded Connect One Marketing with this exact goal in mind. Now, my next goal is to shake up large enterprises and global businesses to use their infrastructure and resources for making a positive impact in our world. The traditional business world is falling apart. NOW is the time to change the game.

I get bored easily & I love variety.

I consciously switched between industries to ensure I don’t get too bored. This gave me the edge to gain industry knowledge within hospitality, banking, real estate, tourism, property development, international education and professional coaching. I learnt how to forecast, analyse and understand trends. I learnt how to use my big picture thinking for business & strategy planning, how to use my creative buzz for marketing plans and campaigns. I also learnt how to use my passion for customer service in user experience & authentic branding.

“I feel fired-up when I enable & empower change-makers.”

What’s it like working with me?

“I wanted her knowledge and support to help me structure my business. It was a wise decision and she did it in a professional & careful way. She felt my vibration immediately and she considered it”

“Not only does she give great service but Timi is real and authentic and can help you get to where you want to be on your purpose not just materially but in a sincere honest way.”

“Timi is great! She definitely made me think and made me realise a lot. She also gave me a lot of ideas, tips and tools to move forward.”

She is an expert in her field. Timi’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike I’ve ever seen before”

What’s it like inside my mind?

Besides being authentic in business, I also enjoy playing with words and pushing the boundaries of our minds. I truly love deep conversations, philosophy, symbolism, poetry, metaphysics and anything that helps our self-development.

Writing is my meditation. I completely lose the sense of time either if I’m playing with a sci-fi storyline in my mind or if I’m sharing my deepest feelings and personal experiences. If you’re intrigued, you can read some fragments of my mind on Brainfused.

I also love giving back to the community and I share some free marketing & strategy tips over at Connect One Marketing.

Something resonated?

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